Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that may be used to enhance your health.

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Therapeutic Essential Oils


POPULAR ESSENTIAL OIL THAT DOES IT ALL!: Real Lavender Organic Oil is so versatile and loaded with benefits. That’s probably why it’s one the most popular and widely used essential oils. Diffuse a few drops at night to create a warm, calm atmosphere that is perfect for sleeping and relaxation.  You may also simply inhale a drop rubbed inside your palms to get instant help for relaxation.


NURTURE YOUR SPIRIT: You may a few drops of peppermint oil in your diffuser, or simply inhale a drop from your palms to unleash its fresh, cool and minty scent promoting energy, focus and mental alertness. Its menthol content has a revitalizing effect on the skin. Add it to carrier oils to help relieve sore muscles, tension and discomfort.


THE SCENT OF HAPPINESS: A light, fresh, citrus fragrance that is as uplifting as it is calming. When diffused, the cheerful aroma of Orange Sweet Organic Essential Oil turns any place into a happy place while boosting your mood and energy levels. It can also help support a healthy immune system. You may also simply inhale a drop rubbed inside your palms to get an instant lift.

Respir Aid

NATURAL SOLUTION TO HELP CLEAR CONGESTION: When cold/flu season arrive don’t be without Respir Aid! The soothing, healing blend will help clear congestion so you can breathe easier. Diffuse or mix with a carrier oil to create a therapeutic chest rub. It’s great for colds, bronchitis and sinusitis. You may also simply inhale a drop rubbed inside your palms to get instant relief.

Other Self Care Items

“Spring Thing”

HOME SELF CARE: Easy to use trigger point massager to reduce tension and fatigue through gentle muscle therapy.  Use helps improve your blood circulation to release fatigue, improve sleep quality and maintain good body energy. It can also help relieve tension headaches or migraines and promotes faster muscle healing. Comes with free guide.  Spring loaded for safety.

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