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With flexible hours Monday through Saturday in my beautiful office, you may book at your convenience and receive the best therapeutic treatments for your current needs.

Therapeutic hot stone, along with essential oils may be included with any massage session.

At your option, I can work within guidelines from your Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, and/or Fitness Trainer to enhance your circle of care.

Gift cards and multi-session packages are available.

​Barry Kurtz, Owner
Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist,
Certified Acupressure Practitioner,
Certified Mindfulness Life Coach


What They Say

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I had my first prenatal massage with Barry and immediately booked a full 7-session package. I’ve had every kind of massage, including prenatal, from coast to coast and in ridiculously upscale resorts, and Barry is the best hands down. He incorporates hot stone, essential oils, uses coconut oil and is acutely aware of locations to massage, and to avoid during pregnancy which is a rarity. I left being able to wiggle my hips without shooting sciatica. Don’t look anywhere else for prenatal massage in Treasure Valley. Aspire is the place to go, period.

– Haley (Google)

“I want to give a shout out to my favorite massage therapist Barry Kurtz with Aspire Mind and Body. Hands down he give the best massages. Being a crossfiter and sitting at a desk most days I have a lot of tension and sore muscles. I can’t say enough about how much better I feel after a massage from Barry. So if you looking to get an awesome massage you need to go see Barry.”

– Melissa (Facebook)

“Barry has been my massage therapist for six years and it’s made a world of difference in my stress levels and in the progress of my fitness goals. I struggle with muscle tightness and since getting regular massages I don’t have this problem anymore. I would highly recommend Barry as a compassionate knowledgeable and effective massage therapist.”
– Aimee (Text Message)

“I had a hard time finding a licensed prenatal massage therapist who did more than rub lotion on me. I found Barry in a google search after feeling frustrated with other therapists. I’m use to getting deep tissue massages and suddenly everyone is scared to touch me. Barry spent time getting to know me and what I was looking for and continues to check in with me before every session to see how I’m doing. He tailors the massage to what I need that day and really cares to play a part in keeping me comfortable throughout my pregnancy. Highly recommended!”

– Amanda (Google)

“Best massage! Aromatherapy, hot stones and stretching if needed. I’ve used a lot of masseuses in the past and Barry Is the BEST of all combined. Highly recommend!”

– Becky (Google)

“Barry is a great massage therapist. He truly cares about his clients and their experience and comfort. He uses all the extras to ensure client comforts, hot stones, essential oils, best quality linens, warm towels and such care with their needs. You will not be disappointed.”

– Stephanie (Google)

“Barry was a great recommendation by a friend, and I would highly recommend him too! I have had back muscle pain for years. I can tell that I feel so much better now. Aspire has been part of my weight loss too! It is easier to work out nowadays without having to worry about muscle sore. I feel super every after massage. Thank you Barry for taking care of me, for being part of my wellness!”

– Sarah (Facebook)

“Barry is amazing! Every time I think I have a favorite part of my messages he quickly changes my mind by trying something different and even more amazing. He is so intuitive and caring during our hour. I can’t recommend him enough!”

– Courtney (Facebook)


Signature Massage

An incredible full-body Therapeutic Massage with Hot Stone, designed to soothe tired and tight muscles, and provide rest and relaxation.

Pressure is adjusted at the wishes of the client.

Acupressure therapy may be included to assist in tension and pain relief and enhance overall body wellness..

Packages available.


Mommy to Be Massage

Our wonderful Prenatal Massage is extremely popular.

Prenatal massage is very effective for relieving stress, relaxing tight muscles and supporting overall mind and body wellness for the mother to be.

Care is taken to properly position the client for comfort during each stage of pregnancy.

After the first trimester, clients are supported with a system of pillows in a side-lying position to maximize comfort and safety.

Packages are available.


Hot Stone Massage

Experts recognize Hot Stone Therapy as a massage modality with enhanced therapeutic benefits.

The application of heat to the body causes vasodilation.

With vasodilation, the blood vessels under the skin expand and dilate where the stones are applied. Thus, blood and nutrient circulation increases through your muscles.

The increased circulation relaxes your muscles and they are better prepared for, and more responsive to therapy.


Acupressure is an ancient Chinese Medicine technique similar to Acupuncture, yet no needles are used.

Instead, the practitioner uses gentle finger pressure or hand pressure to activate or release blockages at pressure points. ​

In a typical Acupressure session, the practitioner methodically releases 15-20 pressure points in a gentle and very relaxing manner. ​

Acupressure has been found to be effective for reducing anxiety, stress, and headaches.


(1) Self-Care Acupressure Points from Santa Rosa Junior College (California).  Use the yellow download button to instantly download a self-care acupressure guide.  Use these methods at home of office for quick relief.

(2) Immune System Boost from the UCLA Health Department.  Use the green download button to instantly download a guide containing tips to strengthen your immune system.  The guide outlines lifestyle and nutrition enhancements and offers acupressure points to help boost the immune system.



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